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SGW Hero: Elizabeth Warren

The only area of any growth in the United States is in the financial sector ie, the investor class. If you look at developments over the past 35 years in that light, it all makes sense… first cut taxes for the wealthiest, then negotiate trade rules that allow for disinvestment and movement of capital overseas with out the attendent rules regarding labor practices and pollution, use the wealth of the nation to combat and defeat the only serious threat to private property rights ie communism, then deinvest in the democracies that created your opportunity and invest wherever you get the greatest return. At the same time, buy up the media outlets so you can control the content of what voters will hear, and as an insurance policy, buy the political system through campaign contributions and lobbying and defeat efforts to curtail that influence, defeat efforts at social spending so you can keep your taxes low but deficit spend on the military so you can defeat adversaries abroad who pose a threat and work to undermine human rights protections so you can label those who object in any active terms as "terrorists" and throw them into prison without the legality of civil trials, eventually when the majority of the eleotorate has sunk into poverty and the riots start, use the military to protect the gated enclaves you live in, and eventually install a corporate oligarchy to run everything. It all makes sense.

       - philphilconnors (HuffPost Superuser)
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